Mixed a Colorful Story | Arree Chung

Mixed a Colorful Story

Author: Arree Chung

Age: up to 5 years
Reading time: 5 minutes
Buy: Mixed | A Colorful Story

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Since me and my smart hubby both speak another language besides English, think it might be handy down the track to start brainwashing our kids with 3 languages as early as possible. In this case, finding nice storybooks which are not hard to translate is one of our daily jobs.

Mixed a Colorful Story” by Arree Chung is our latest favorite bedtime story! It is about an inspiring story of colours and how they eventually mix together to create a more colourful world, without any judgements and prejudice.


The simple yet bright colours attract kids’ imagination and interest in how colours work. Our little Zonni loves pointing out different colours and always gets amazed by these mixed colour babies in this story.

The storyline of Mixed a Colorful Story is quite classic and easy to understand for little ones. However, be ready for a lot of cute questions from your kids’ little heads.

Something else I did after telling the story, displaying the 3 main colours one day and let our little one mix them based on the story. Trust me, it created quite a few little “wow” moments.

Anyway, if you’re curious about purchasing it, please find all the details of Mixed a Colorful Story here. We hope it becomes a classic in  your littlies’ reading collection.

Enjoy and have fun with colours!



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