One Gorilla | A Counting Book

One Gorrilla

Author: Anthony Browne

Age: up to 3 years
Reading time: 5 minutes
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I haven’t shared a kids book for a long while, even though every night our family tradition of storytime is the highlight of the day, it is hard to think of a time to share a good book here.

So here we go, a wonderful book for 0 to 3 is coming through!

We spotted One Gorilla, written by Anthony Browne, in a library, precisely, my 2-year-old spotted it. She first fell in love with this book was pure because of the drawing of a giant gorilla, and me getting attracted by the book was because how short the story is.

A little surprising find once I opened the book, not only the beautiful drawings of various kinds of primates, but the easy to read style for the young ones. One Gorilla is not your standard number book, but something more and very special.

After reading it to my younger one many times, she is getting more and more curious about all kinds of mammals, as lots of questions popped out her little brain.

Even though her questions aren’t making much sense at the moment, but I can feel how it makes her brain cells active. I am still amazed by the simple concept of the book, that it tries to spread into the minds, a simple classic idea of we are all primates on this planets, all different but all the same.

Loving and understanding each other can make the world of ours a much better place, rather than hatred and separatism.

one gorrilla

All Primates. All one Family. All my Family.

One Gorilla is a great book teaching not just numbers but also love and compassion. Be kind and learn from each other, it doesn’t cost you a thing.


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