Down To Earth

90D Church St
Brighton VIC 3186
Mon-Fri  7am–5pm
Sat  8am–3pm
Sun Closed
(03) 9553 8530


Love the name, “Down to earth” but not so down to the quality of the service.

It was a quiet Friday morning in Brighton, I arrived early at work and felt like having a chai at such a cold rainy day (yep, another one, as usual). Saw only one customer so I walked in “Down to Earth”.

Don’t you feel “happy” when you see staff in a cafe busy chatting with their friend(s) over a coffee and completely forgetting about the queue in front of them? Then, after a few minutes have gone by, you just want to jump in and remind him “people” have a job/ work to do?

Anyway, I have never had their food but the quality of their hot beverages I can definitely judge. Their hot cocoa is weak and flavor-less and the Chai Latte I had this morning, just plain, pretty much the same as the ones I can make using the instant chai tea bag back home. If only I can compare it, it is WORSE. Price-wise, it’s reasonable, 3.5 for small and 4 for a large coffee. However, for the Chai latte, they do charge an additional 50 cents. Honestly, I don’t know why maybe for the water!?

down to earth brighton

Running back to work with the chai since I had to make up for a long time I wasted waiting for my drink there.

So, a piece of advice for the workers, if you’re aiming at a quick coffee to go, just skip “Down to Earth”. If you’re thinking of a nice cuppa, skip “down to earth” too. Its Melbourne, a city full of awesome coffee shops, you can just easily pick up another spot right around the corner.

As a matter of fact, try Mylk at the intersection of church street and carpenter street, their chai latte is divine!

I hope you all have a warm and comfy Friday and Happy weekend in advance.

If you are looking for more great food options in Brighton please try White Rabbit or Tokyo Kitchen Sakae



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