Kingpin Bowling Crown | Melbourne City Southbank

Who would have thought the crown casino can be baby-friendly? But after our first bowling experience with a bunch of little people, we dare to say, come and try out Kingpin Bowling Crown, you will be visually and physically surprised… in a good way.

First time going into Crown Casino Melbourne with bubba was a little bit strange, well, common sense told us its inappropriate. However, word of mouth among friends with kids made us curious, so they recommended, and we went despite common sense. We got 3 families with two kids with us, so 15 heads together. It was a pretty big crowd for a sport like bowling. However, we managed to have two lanes next to each other. It felt like having our private lane.

Once walking in, we all got amazed by Kingpin Crown’s décor and its hanging bowling pins on the ceiling. This immediately puts everyone in the right bowling mood! Well, one tip, book a session early in the morning if you go with young ones as you have a higher chance to have a more relaxing play and more choice of seatings.

kingpin bowling crown

In our case, we booked 2 games for 9 adults and 6 kids at 10 am, 3 of them were under 3. We requested a more private and quiet location of our lanes, if available. The customer service over the phone was excellent as talking to them was such an easy and pleasant thing to do.

For the babies, we put 2 single couches together to form 2 little bed for them to sleep on, which worked perfectly. Never imagined bubbas could take a nap in a bowling centre, while people were cheering around them! However, it did happen as our youngest little ones fell asleep on their little “beds”.

It took us more than 1 hour and a half to finish 2 games. Well, our oldest kids were happily helping us to get a record-breaking score, if you know what I mean. There were 2 “kids-ramps” for us to share with 4 other lanes, which we thought it might have been a bit better if they would have had a couple more stand by. But all in all, Kingpin Bowling Crown was fun for everyone and a great place for big friends to catch-up.

We did go there again with grandparents for Father’s day. Apart from a bigger crowd and the need to share the same space, it was the same fun. Still, book in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Kingpin Bowling Crown is no doubt a family and kids friendly destination for any type of celebration, catch-up or just something indoor to do with the kids.

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