October School Holidays 2018

Teething ah, how much you love that! This is something makes your little one doesn’t want to sleep or eat or even just rest, its definitely on the list of “things that drive you crazy”. Anyway, after an hour of fighting, my little baby girl is finally back to her precious much-needed nap, and mummy can eventually sit down and catch up with her study. Yes, I AM STUDYING! But anyway, that is something I’m talking about some other time, not today. Today, I want to share something more exciting for everyone. School holiday is coming up, I bet many of you are planning something, either big or small, as long as you make it happen, it is a big deal.

When everyone is talking about their upcoming big adventures, I can only pat on my nerves and say “inner peace, in…inner peace.” Sorry to quote Kungfu Panda, as I have been watching it too often recently.

So we’re thinking about some little day trips for our family of 4. As for you, this is purely just our piece of advice, hope it can be helpful. Or staying back home have some indoor fun. Even do nothing  could be cozy and nice too.

Our Footy Final School Holiday Tip



Tycho on the Moon | Scienceworks

A great educational and fun museum in Williams town. We recently found out about this place and couldn’t believe it took us this long to give it a go. Probably because it’s on the other side of West Gate Bridge and crossing that bridge sounds so far for me. However, we did manage to go there on a rainy day. Apart from all interesting science displays, there’s a play area dedicated to bubbas under 3, and they can have some fun time crawling around and get their hands on some quite playful toys and games. And if the weather goes well, having a play in their outdoor playground in front of café would be a bonus. It has various long-term exhibitions which you have to purchase separate tickets, we do recommend you get the tickets online in advance to avoid the queue. We know the patience of the little ones is thin like ice, and you can never predict how much time you have till the next tantrum.

You paid a little booking fee to save time, trust me its all worth it. Honestly, joining the membership would be a better choice if you intend to go to museums more often, it allows you to go to 3 museums for free, which includes Science work, Melbourne museum and immigration museum. Please see more details here.

Just one hint on parking, go early or park on the side street.

St Kilda library | Fairy-tales with a Twist

classic fairytales with a twist st kilda

We lived in St Kilda a few years back, and it’s such an entertaining suburb and perfect for youngsters. However, it does get more and more family friends these years, particularly after the part around Fitzroy street was flipped by adding some more residential buildings and renovating the famous Acland street. During these October school holidays, a few charming little programs will be held at the St Kilda Library. One of them is called classic fairytales with a twist, where you can meet some fairytale characters in-person to know how are their “happily ever after” lives. It’s a FREE night event starts from 7 till 7:45 on the 4th Oct, the perfect thing to do before good night sleep. Register your attendance through the link.

Eastland Westfield Shopping Centre

The School of Wizardry | Eastland Shopping Centre

Every school holiday, shopping centre never give it a miss. This time, our eyes go to Eastland. This massive newly expanded shopping centre has undergone a beautiful facelift along with having way more events on offer. For instance, Robinson’s bookshop in Eastland will be holding a storytime as well as craft activity every day during  the October School Holidays at 11 am, great for big and small kiddos. There’s no better place than a bookshop to explore the fun of words and pictures. Check for more details here.

Alright, hope you find some of the above interesting and let us know how you plan to experience this October School Holidays.

Have fun!



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