Melbourne Star | Docklands

After years of waiting and wondering, the famous Melbourne Star was finally completed. This giant observation wheel has an estimated cost of AUD$100 million. After 3 years of construction from 2006 to 2009 and multiple times of shut down due to various reasons, it finally reopened to the public on the 23rd of December 2013.

Having been always curious about this well-known attraction but quite uncertain to give it a go since it has a problematic reputation, till very recently quite a few friends recommended it to us after they experienced it with their little ones.

We thought, it has been this many years since Melbourne Star reopened, so it made sense for us to trust the word of mouth and see Melbourne from another point of view.

Melbourn Star | The Wait

We were lucky with the queue, it was a late morning just before lunch, so only two elderlies in front of us.

However, since we had to wait for the right cabin, there was still a bit of patient waiting involved, roughly 5-10mins. The staff who was guiding the guests was quite friendly. However, after she asked how many of us, she suddenly put the two elderlies and a young couple after us together and let them get on the cabin first.

And we, of course, had to wait longer for another cabin. We thought, maybe they are accommodating 4 people in one go since it’s not that busy, so we can have our own cabin. Unfortunately, we still had to share the cabin with another family of 4.

Not sure how the rule is of arranging passengers at the Melbourne Star, but at least a heads up, since you have seen us waiting for a while with the kiddies, and obviously confused with the arrangement, at least briefly explain the reason…

As the first-timers to the Melbourne Star, I have to say their rule of arranging the passengers is not so clear to everyone and can easily cause conflict and confusion, lucky for both, with the kids on-site, we didn’t want to argue much and just wanted to move on.

Maybe they need a quick training of how to word the rules in a few seconds so everyone can understand their way of operation.

Melbourn Star | The Cabins &Views

The cabin is actually quite huge, like they said, can fit in maximum 20 persons. We had 8 altogether, the 360-degree view was indeed exceptional, we were all quite impressed, can only imagine how awesome during the night with all the lights on.

The whole journey took 30 minutes, honestly, the view took us max 5 minutes to take in, then it got a bit boring for the kids, but “spotting the car” became a popular game in the cabin, which was nice.

It’s definitely an interesting spot if you want to see the Melbourne CBD from high up. The slow-motion makes the whole experience quite romantic, so if you want to enjoy some quality time with your partner, I am highly recommending it.

However, it can be an awesome treat for the family with little ones. Kids love seeing things from this moving glass box and it will satisfy their imagination and curiosity by observing the world from a different angle.

The only tip from us would be bringing some snacks just in case, they do have a café at the entrance, but bad customer service with nothing really special unless you urgently need caffeine and some pricy nibbles.

Melbourne Star | Surrounding Area

Because of this giant wheel, the area around it has been developed a more diverse and dynamic food culture, so after the ride, filling your stomach is for sure not a problem. The Asian street food alley is a must-try, whatever you want to eat is there. Plus, the vibe makes you feel special.

So far, that would be our thoughts of this trial of Melbourne star, hope it gives you some constructive opinions.

Let us know how you think, enjoy and have fun!


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