Milkboy Espresso

Shop 1, Railway Walk
255 Charman Rd
Cheltenham VIC 3192

Mon-Fri 6am–3pm
Sat 7am–3pm
Sunday 8am–3pm

P: (03) 8555 0250


Used to be always on the go. Getting a coffee at the Cheltenham station was counted as a luxury, so I never paid attention to the name as I just enjoyed the nice smell of coffee beans.

Now, being on mat leave again and still always on the go, but with no obligation to be on time at work, which I call a tiring but rewarding phase. I’m not just getting a coffee but actually checking out the name of that little coffee shop by the station, which always provides me with a kick in the morning. Its called Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen. Funny enough, the giant logo has been always on the window, but the old frantic life made me ignore all the details.

Milkboy Espresso & Kitchen | The Service

By its name, it’s run by a bunch of boys. The first time I walked in I thought it might not be quite a kids-friendly place. On the contrast, when they saw me walking in with the pram, they immediately helped me carrying the pram downstairs to a larger area close to the counter, where there’s enough space for prams. The old music records on the wall, the little vintage toys displayed on every corner and you have a sudden vibrant atmosphere in the air.

Milkboy Espresso | Interior

First thing first, ordering wasn’t hard. Service was attentive with a bit of humor like they’ve known you for a long time. That, will make you order something and sit for a while.

For a sweet tooth like me, I ordered a chai latte and Danish toast. While my smart hubby went for their ricotta hotcakes, aka pancakes in my eyes, and of course long macchiato to start another day being a parent of two.

Milkboy Espresso & Kitchen | The Food

You might find out that we have been having quite sugar fever recently, particularly me. Breastfeeding doesn’t give me much space to take in caffeine. Sugar, on the other hand, becomes my soft drug and it works so well for me. Anyway, a bit off track. My danish toast was looking and tasted amazing! The homemade French toast goes so well with their bittersweet coffee and hazelnut mascarpone. Plus, all the fresh seasonal fruit look so fresh and pretty on the plate, and combines the whole dish together, both visually and flavorwise.

Milkboy Espresso & Kitchen | Danish French Toast
Milkboy Espresso | Danish French Toast 

I wish I could just have long black to go with it, that would be perfection! Well, chai for me now. However, I have to mention that the Prana fresh-leaf chai they’re using is full of spice and rich chai flavor.

Milkboy Espresso & Kitchen | Prana Chai Latte
Milkboy Espresso | Prana Chai Latte

My picky coffee drinker ( hubby) also gave a really high mark on their espresso, a not-so-bad comment on the pancakes, even though he’s not such a big fan of ricotta, then that comment I can say is quite a positive note.

Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen| Ricotta Pancakes
Milkboy Espresso& Kitchen | Ricotta Pancakes 

All in all, Milkboy Espresso gives you a sweet dining experience with beautiful coffee. It is definitely family-friendly as long as there are not too many kids since they can’t physically fit too many jumping jacks. So Proud mommy and daddy’s, you can certainly choose it as a brekkie/lunch option. However, mothers groups, if you want to go to Milkboy Espresso, you might need to find a quiet time of the day, or a cuppa to go and take your picnic blanket to the Cheltenham park, which is 10-15 mins walk away. This park btw has a very nice playground for the little ones to go crazy and a beautiful area for some chilled out picnic catchup.

Alright, my 5 months old is up for some attention, so bye for now! Enjoy the weekend!

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