Otto Lane

8 Arco Ln
Heatherton VIC 3202
Mon-Fri 7am–3pm
Sat 8am–1pm
Sun Closed
(03) 9551 4617

It’s always interesting to find a place to stopover in the middle of nowhere, and it could be useful someday, you just never know. However, Otto Lane is one of those but we did not have an impressing stopover here while checking out the childcare next door.

Expensive Chocolate Tart ($12)

Having said that, apart from the pricy chocolate tart ($12 per slice) and dry waffle we had for breakfast (tasted like cardboard), the coffee wasn’t bad. But hey, we’re in Melbourne, if you want to be an outstanding café, you need to do way more than fine coffee.

Otto Lane | Wrong Coffee
Wrong Coffee…!?

Otto Lane | What Coffee!?

We “Melbournians” are proud of our coffee culture. A take away before work or after dropping off the kids (my case) would be a good choice to start the day. Unfortunately, since last time my smart hubby ordered a coffee from Otto lane, he’s never been back.

It’s nothing serious maybe, but for him who is a coffee lover, the first coffee of the day is a kick start of a long day. Ordered a long macchiato, and instead got a long black. He told the barista and while being apologetic the barista quickly poured milk in the long black and transferred the coffee into another bigger cup. “Here you go, YOUR long macchiato”. The barista at Otto Lane said with confidence. But my hubby was laughing out loud in his head with disappointment. So eventually, my hubby got a cup of super long and light latte like a macchiato.

For all coffee makers and coffee lovers, we should know, a long macchiato will be made with more espresso, this could be a double espresso rather than a single, with just a dash of steamed milk. So a hint for the crew at Otto Lane in Heatherton, do educate ALL your baristas before you let them take orders and ruin the name of our nice coffee culture in Melbourne.

Trust me, Mac café not far away from your place is definitely ahead of you.

Good luck and hope to see you better soon.

Proud mama JJ

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One Response

  1. Hi Mommy Reviews,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I would like to let you know that the barista you maybe referring to is no longer there.

    Otto Lane has recently been sold and we would welcome the opportunity to make you a long macchiato as should be made.

    As for the current menus the new owners are currently revising the menus and the pricing.

    We hope to see you again.

    Kind Regards

    Otto Lane Management

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