Dutch Pancakes


We love Dutch Pancakes. When say love… I mean LOVE them! To stop the confusion straight away, I am not talking about the small Dutch Pancakes (poffertjes), but am talking about the large Dutch Pancakes you can get in the large Pancake Houses in the Netherlands.

Our two little girls enjoy eating them too and that’s we bake them twice per week for breakfast. Since a couple of months, our oldest daughter has started helping us with pouring the pancake batter into the frying pans. She loves to take the responsibility forgetting the right quantity into the pan every single time. Too cute!

So… to get some sweetness and cuteness into your kitchen we would love to share our quick Dutch Pancakes recipe here with you.

SERVING SIZE: 10 Pancakes
Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time20 minsCategory, ,


 300gr Plain Flour
 600ml Milk
 2 Eggs (preferably Free Range)
 1 pinch of salt
 1 pinch of vanilla essence (optional)



Heat up the frying pan(s) on medium/ high fire


Sift the flour in a large bowl


Add all the other ingredients to the flour and mix it together with a whisk till you get a smooth batter


Add a tiny bit of butter in the frying pan.


Once butter is melted, add one ladle of the Dutch Pancake batter into the frying pan


Flip the Dutch Pancakes once the top is nearly "dry" and bake it for another 1-2 minutes.


Continue this process until you finished up the Dutch Pancakes batter :)

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