Golden Fried Rice

3:17pm, kids are finally napping, I know I know, no point to put them down if its this late, trust me, the little baby isn’t an issue, the older one was the problem. When you know how tired your kids are and they refuse to sleep, only one thing can happy, aka, tantrum. Hooray, parenthood!

Anyway, even 30 minutes’ nap can make a massive difference for everyone in the household, so I fought against the temperamental child and made the nap happen, I am so proud of myself at the moment, so tick tok, time for dinner prep.

Dinner, ahhhhh! Screaming on the paper is so not satisfying but it does count in a way. In 1 and half hours I have to get the dinner ready before hubby gets home so we can eat early, and I can head to my night class on time.

So today I am going to share a really quick recipe for Chinese cuisine lovers and believe me, its life saver. Let me call this Golden fried rice. Love it already? Haha.

Just one tip before hand, make sure you made loads of rice the night before (please use rice cooker, why sacrifice your precious energy if the machine can do a better job), since left over rice is always gold in our house. Of course, store the rice in the fridge not over 2 nights though.

SERVING SIZE: 500gr of Golden Fried RIce :)
Yields1 ServingCategory, ,


 500 gr Left-over rice (I used basmati rice, jasmine is fine too)
 4 Free range eggs
 5 tbs Vegetable Oil
 5 gr Salt
 1 Spring onion (optional)



Mix the eggs and salt; whisk it till the yolk and egg white are well combined.


Pour the mixture into the rice, mix them well and let it rest/ marinate for 10 minutes


Heat up the wok and pour in the oil


Wait until the oil is heated up; put the egg rice mixture in, and stir fry till the egg is golden and all the rice is coated with egg


Taste and add more salt (optional)


Finish it off by adding some spring onion and stir fry it for a few seconds!


Golden Fried Rice is ready to serve!

golden rice fried rice recipe

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