Our simplest and really healthy mango smoothie recipe, all family members friendly, particularly kiddos friendly in our case.

A hot day normally won’t make you feel hungry, drinking would be your biggest intention in terms of filling your stomach and cooling down the temper (aka my temper).
I’m no vegetarian but fruits are always something I like to snack on. When I have no idea what to cook they are the best meal replacements.

In this season, mango is my top food choice and yogurt helps me to carry on my daily routine. Combining these together will not surprise anyone.

So here to share our simplest and really healthy mango smoothie, all family members friendly, particularly kiddos friendly in our case, at least it pleased little Zonni a big time. This recipe is inspired by the infamous Indian mango lassi however this one turns out thicker.


SERVING SIZE: 500ml of Mango Smoothie (2 proper serves :))
Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsCategory


 2 Large mangoes (we used honey gold mangoes from Coles)
 500 ml Yogurt (we used Yoplait vanilla yogurt, however you can also use plain Greek yogurt instead; depending on how sweet you want it to be)



Clean and cube the mangoes


Put them into a mixing bowl


Add the yoghurt


Blend the yoghurt and mango cubes together with the help of a stick mixer (or use a blender) for 30 seconds. Stop every 10 seconds to shake it all together.


Pour the mixture into the glasses and let's enjoy the heat all together!

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