Mini Party Pizzas

Our friends are dying to meet our baby girl Unieka.  Since we know planning ahead is a luxury, we just have to be more flexible and make last minute decisions. So the good old dinner party becomes a morning tea. This is a much better time for bubbas to be social and also for mommy 🙂

Of course, when it comes to a short notice visit, cooking is the last thing I have in mind. So everything has to be super simple… I mean it! Nothing fancy but it also has to be delicious!

Finger food starts to become my favourite choice nowadays and after some digging and experimenting (on my dear hubby and folks), I know what to do in a very short time frame using my limited energy after breastfeeding.

Mini Party Pizzas: Recipe

You always feel lucky to have good bunch of friends when they come to your house with food supply and insist keeping them for ourselves, and WE DO FEEL SUPER LUCKY! Now our freezer is filled with homemade pizza dough, lasagne and yummy sweets. However, this also means I have to put some food on the table. One thing came up in my head is mini party pizzas!

I have made this multiple times and it’s addictive, most importantly, it’s easy to make and a guaranteed success every time!

SERVING SIZE: 24 Mini Pizzas
Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time25 minsCategory,


 2 Puff pastry sheets
 Vegetable Oil (to spray the muffin pan)
 100 g Twiggy Salami sticks
 100 g Pizza cheese (mozzarella/ parmesan / cheddar combo)
 150 ml Pizza Sauce
 1 pinch Dried Basil (based on taste)
 1 pinch Dried Oregano (based on taste)



Heat up the oven at 200 degrees


Spray the muffin pan and put it aside; I used a 24 mini muffin pan


Cut each square puff pastry sheet into 16 small squares (total of 32)


Cut up the salami sticks into 5 mm thick pieces


Put the small squares of puff pastry in to the muffin pan and press them down to form a pie shape cup


Fill each cup with a tea spoon of tomato sauce.


Add 2-3 pieces of salami in each cup and top it with some pizza cheese


Sprinkle a pinch of dry basil and oregano on top of the cheese


Put them into oven for 15 minutes

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