Sugar Syrup Coated Walnuts


This is a typical childhood snack for me, and yes, I am totally a sweet tooth. I remember how often I asked my grandma for 2 dollars pocket money, so I could get a decent pack of roasted walnut coated with sugar syrup, just one bite made me finish the whole pack in no time.

Sugar Syrup Coated Walnuts are quite addictive and can make your throat feel dry if consuming too much. So a few pieces at a time, promise me before you try this easy recipe.

Please note: This snack can be kept for roughly a week but trust me, you can easily finish them in a couple of days, in the case of my smart hubby, say within 24 hours.

Now go ahead and try, and let me know how you go.

Happy sweet tooth day! (just made it up but why not?)



SERVING SIZE: 120 grams of Sweet Sugar Coated Walnuts
Yields1 ServingCategory, ,


 120 g Walnuts
 1 tsp Black Sesame Seeds (you can also use white sesame, might look even better, I only have black ones in the pantry)
 ¼ cup Crystal Sugar (you can replace this with caster sugar if you have no crystal sugar, just try not to stir too much)
 1 tsp Maltose Sugar



Roast the raw walnuts and sesame in a flat pan separately under low to medium fire till the fragrance comes out. After that place them into a separate bowl.


Mix sugar, water, and maltose sugar together and heat the mixture up at high heat.


Once the syrup is boiling, turn the heat down to medium and cook till the syrup turns light yellow.


Add the roasted walnuts into the syrup, quickly but gently stir till all the walnuts are coated with syrup. Please don’t stress too much if a couple of them can’t get a syrup coating as long as most of them do. You have to be very careful while cooking sugar and stir really gently/


Add the roasted sesame seed to the syrup coated walnuts and gently stir them together


spread the mixture onto a flattened baking sheet and wait till the mixture is cold


Break the walnuts and enjoy! Keep them in an airtight container if you can't finish them....

Sugar Syrup Coated Walnuts Recipe

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