The Hidden Kitchen

77 Mathis Ave
Tootgarook VIC 3941

Mon-Sun  7am–3pm
(03) 5985 7702

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What a Monday morning! Two loads of laundries were in the basket needed to be hung, kids were not cooperative when you were trying to rush out the door, toys, shoes and books were spread around on the floor and I stepped on a little sharp piece of Lego right before you put your shoes on, no strawberry jam left and little zonni all the sudden wanted strawberry jam ONLY!

What made it even better was my closest cousin is coming from overseas and will only stay in Melbourne for 2 nights, and they won’t arrive till 10 pm on the first night, so they want to get some gift shopping done before they leave on Wednesday. So dragging two bubbas to shop for some local gifts wasn’t the best activity for littlies and tantrum after tantrum, I felt for them but who was feeling for me!

Finally did the shopping after some obstacles and got kids home exhausted and napping, now I am sitting in the kitchen making some strawberry jam plus writing some word became my luxury of the day.

Now thinking back our weekend away was like a year ago, in fact, we got back yesterday. Goodness, sometimes aka all the time I kept telling myself “the day goes slow but the year goes fast.” I love my life and my kids, but I have to be honest, parenting is hard and being a stay-home parent is extremely hard, no matter how hard I try to toughen up, there’s always a limit that I can reach.hidden kitchen tootgarook rye

Enough about my feelings now, back to the happy moment of our weekend holiday. As everyone knows, we are a bunch of foodies and coffee addicts. So wherever we go, finding a place to get some caffeine is essential. There is a little place called The Hidden Kitchen which is 7 minutes’ drive from the caravan park. So we went.

ts name, The Hidden Kitchen is definitely telling the truth, as its hidden deep in the middle of a residential area. It’s quite a small place. and doesn’t have much space to sit in. The window seats, which are perfect for couples, might be just enough for one family.

The Hidden Kitchen does have plenty of outdoor sittings both in front and on the side of the café. There’s a fine selection of homemade pies and desserts with seasonal and homegrown ingredients. Price-wise, not cheap but suit the value you get, also depends on what you are looking for.

If you’re planning to have a sitting-in-meal with the family, this might not tick your box, but if you’re on the go and just want to have a coffee break with some treats, this will be a good option, particularly on a sunny day. Sitting outside embracing some beautiful sunshine and breathing in the fresh air. Perfect!

The Hidden Kitchen | Kidsfriendly!?

Family-friendly? Well, it depends on how you look at it. For us, we took the little ones thereafter they got their stomachs full, so was a happy experience. Plus the weather was not disappointing, so we got all smiley on the photo. Service? It was quick and fine, not the best (I’m trying to be polite), they’re not a bunch of people love chatting away, pretty to the point. Dog-friendly? Yep, only outside of course. One side note they don’t have any high chairs, so you will definitely need to bring a pram.

Alright, hints are given, hope we have supplied something you are interested.

Anyway, bye for now and I have to get back to my messy house and tidy up.



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