The Little Elephant

23 Spring Rd
Highett VIC 3190
Mon-Sun 7am-4pm
(03) 9555 4369

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Changing a good restaurant into a bad one is just a menu away. A post review to my previous comments on the Little Elephant in Highett. A piece of advice, have a focus group trial out your new food before fixing your menu to disappoint the loyal public.

The last few times I went to the little elephant with my smart hubby our experience became more and more disappointing. Service-wise has always been spot on and the staff is still friendly as usual.

Plus, the place is for sure kids friendly and even dog-friendly in the outside area. Since it’s a pretty cafe with beautiful memories, I told myself, let’s give it another go, that’s why it took me 3 times to finally admit that I am not happy with the food in the little elephant anymore…

Little Elephant Highett

Maybe it’s the change of the management that caused the variations of the menu. The son-in-law eggs used to be the highlight, changed and the delicious French toast has been replaced by choux pastry donuts, yummy but too oily for the first meal of the day. Their scrambled eggs with bacon and salmon gave us a really poor impression of them trying too hard of making sure the dish is healthy as the bacon was dry as beef jerky.

Don’t take me wrong, I still like the place for the sake of my friends, but I can’t imagine myself consume another serve of donuts for breakfast.

Thumbs up for the coffee, it keeps the good flavor, luckily, no one can take that off the menu.

Note to myself, coffee to go as always in the little elephant but I need to have the second look at the menu if I want to have a longer catch up with my friends.

A quick word to the little elephant, changes are good but not always, stick with what you’re good at; this would impress people more.

Another place to check out in Highett is the Diplomat.



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