Q11 South Melbourne

Closed for good


It’s not a bad name, Q11, which is near the South Melbourne market, sounds cute and interesting but I have to say I won’t pay another visit to this place.

Q11 taught me something new, as a mum with a pram, you’re not welcome! well, not completely though, sitting outside is alright, but better put the pram as close to the table as possible, it doesn’t matter how you should feed the baby. But you have the option to put the pram a bit further from the table unless “you’re paying the fine”. I am so impressed! This is the first time I heard about such tricky rules to eat out as a parent with a baby. Truth to be told, the very first time in my life actually!

Honestly, it was a wonderful Friday, the sun was shining, the baby was happy after a good long nap, housework was effectively done. So it left us one awesome choice–go have lunch with hubby near his work. He told me about Q11, where he had lunch last time with his sister. They were both happy with the food and that’s why we went. Before we even went in, a guy (assumed he is the owner) came out saying: “sorry we’ve done this for years but you can’t come in with the pram.”

“Sorry but what?!” I said out loud in my mind. We always respect how restaurants set up their own rules, managing a business isn’t easy. However, this is a first! And we felt so discriminated. “But you’re more than welcome to sit outside” he provided another option. Seeing him trying to solve the issue, we were also trying to understand and sat down. Even though there were only 3 customers sitting inside, and any common sense would think that it won’t be difficult to allocate us at all. But, My positive thinking was saying: it’s not too bad to get some sunshine anyway.

We put the pram front facing our table so she can see both of us and easier for us to feed her without worrying her too curious about glasses on the table. “Can you maybe put the pram next to the table so it won’t block the pedestrian path.” That guy suggested. I began to have a quite uneasy and uncomfortable feeling. “Don’t really wanna stay here, I would rather have a $2 fried dim sim from the market”. I whispered to myself.

“Well, we can try to push it a bit closer to the table, but front-facing is easier to feed the baby” I explained holding my urge to leave. “Alright. As long as you’re paying the fine” he said to me with a big laugh. ” it’s not a funny man! ” I so want to speak out but really don’t bother to spend hubby’s 30 mins lunch break like this. There was plenty of space for 2 adults to walk through side by side, and I wonder who would point at our pram saying ” we cannot go through please give way”.

Unless a big group marched through. But in our 30 mins lunch hour, we only saw another 3 people walked into this place.

We ordered 2 soy chai and started reading the menu. Hubby loves their chicken burger, but I’m not a big lunch eater, so only wanted something small, and the menu wasn’t my cup of tea apparently. Apart from that, my mood was totally ruined already, I just wanted to leave after the drink.

I asked to pay, giving a 10 dollar bill expecting some change. Just two chai, no matter how fancy, just 2 fresh spiced chai in a glass. “Oh, alright. I think it’s 11. Will go check the bill.” He walked back leaving me standing and wondering whether my hearing is getting worse. What?! 11 dollars for two chai? Are you serious? My mind was laughing and my heart was disappointed big time.

With this vibe and service standard, I won’t have another bite of the food even it tastes like heaven! It’s a competitive industry, and you call this hospitality, but I can’t feel a drop of it. I won’t judge about their food, to be fair, hubby said their chicken burger is tasty but for him, that’s pretty much it.

For me, at least I won’t recommend soy chai here to anyone unless you want to pay $5.50 for a standard chai latte. Service…don’t even mention the word. Particularly if you’re looking for a baby/family-friendly place, just skip Q11!

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