Rose & Clive

1/16 Charlton Ave
Cheltenham, VIC 3192

Mon-Fri 7am – 2pm
Sat-Sun 8am – 3pm

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It’s quite popular nowadays to follow the footstep of other foodies, so we can find decent places to fill our stomach or just chillax. A lot of times it would work perfectly, but some times, it just doesn’t…

Rose & Clive is a little place located in an industrial area in Cheltenham, based on the high rating, we made our way there on a weekday with our little ones. As parents, once we decide on going somewhere, we can be quite straight to the point, well, we have to. So some quick guidance to help with the decision making regarding the menu can be handy.

Rose & Clive | The Vibe

The place itself is quite modern and neat, the owner of the place has definitely done a good job on renovation and creating the vibe. In the front of the café they have some nice table sets and chair to relax on, but with young children, sitting inside would be a better idea than facing the outside traffic.


rose & clive cheltenham outside
Outside Area

To be frank, the inside Rose & Clive is quite spacious, the apace between the sittings are quite enough for kiddos to walk around.

rose & clive cheltenham inside interior
Inside Area

Rose & Clive | Service

We did like the place from the first sight till the moment when the staff was busy doing nothing while we walked in, and didn’t even bother to greet us or provide any hint where to order.

Well, its flattering when people assume you are smart enough to figure out everything by yourself, but I guess we were in a local restaurant that provides table service, not IKEA.

Not sure how long has this café been running, but apparently the staff was not aware of a family with young kids might need a high chair, or a bit help with a bigger table, or a quick greeting like “let us know when you are ready to order.” Rose & Clive run the place their own way, literally run around in their own way, till we have to walk towards the counter and ask the waitress who had a few peeks at us without doing anything.

Rose & Clive | The Food

Now down to the food, the menu looks quite appetizing, the daily special on the board is also attractive. Hubby wanted to order their daily special, which is the sausage roll, was told it was sold out.

Alright then, one common sense, please take whatever runs out on the day off the board, so to avoid these awkward moments, it was not even busy! So, we ordered one smoked salmon on toast with pickles and poached egg, and smart hubby got his usual scrambled eggs on sourdough with thick-cut beacons, well, that would be a safe choice. The price looks reasonable till we see the actual dish and pretty surprised by it, badly.

The portion of the scrambled egg was average but the taste is below, overcooked, and the thick-cut bacon was more like one piece of small bacon, make the whole meal look quite disappointing compared to the price tag. We don’t mind getting a smaller portion, as long as you don’t charge 6 dollars for that little piece of meat.

Rose & Clive | Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

The smoked salmon itself was fine, but the sauce was too cheesy and at the end, I couldn’t really tell the flavor of the fish, and the whole dish didn’t have the proper balance that I was hoping for, maybe provide the sauce separately, which will give customers more options to adjust the flavor themselves?

Rose & Clive | Smoked Salmon on Toast
Smoked Salmon on Toast

We eventually paid $69 for the above two dishes, two coffees, one kids’ cheese toasty, one kid’ scrambled egg on toast and two baby-chinos. No offense, just truly feel that we didn’t think our money was well spent there, and we honestly have no intention of going back.

As a family with youngsters, we trust the word of mouth since we don’t really have time for wandering around. So here, we are sharing our experience with the families who are in the same boat as us, hope it provides some useful insight so it helps you to save some thinking time (plus money).

Enjoy the sun while its out.


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One Response

  1. Yeah this was our families experience as well. Quite appalling. Coffee tasted burned, food took ages to arrive and zero warmth from staff who were as cold towards us as our food was was upon arrival . Plenty of other options around Bayside. Don’t wast your time and money here.

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