2377 Point Nepean Rd
Rye VIC 3941

Mon – Fri:  8:30am–9pm
Sat – Sun: 8:30am–9pm

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Sunday morning, out for a sweet breakfast with our kiddos is always something we love doing, and this road trip to Rye is definitely not going to be left out.

Just a few minutes drive or max 15 minutes walk away from our cabin at the Kanasta Caravan Park, close to the bay, there is a little French café called Sacrebleu. It sounds French and for sure it offers something quite French too; their specialty is crepes. Well, when this kind of street food all the way from France suddenly becomes something you can sit down and enjoy plateful, it becomes hard to resist 🙂

Sacrebleu | Setup

First impression, Sacreblue in Rye is not big but still has quite a comfortable setup with plenty of sittings inside and outside. However, they don’t have any baby chairs and it can be pretty tricky to fit in your pram when it is busy. Luckily for us, our girls had their early breakfast already, so this was just morning tea snack time for them.

Unfortunately, if you are planning to go here for a family breakfast its probably not the best place as it’s quite small and without baby chairs and space for your pram, it can be a little tricky. So our advice is to better go to Sacrebleu for little quick bites after you have fed the kids beforehand.

Indoor Setup

Sacrebleu | Food & Service

The second impression, there were enough friendly staff around; very patient to the kids and smiley. However, they weren’t attentive and super slow!

Honestly, I appreciate their bubbly and chatty attitude, it does give the place a homey feeling, but HELLO? We come here to eat not to chat, especially accompanied by these little souls with tiny tolerance of waiting, their friendliness without efficiency just annoyed me.
For instance, the coffees we ordered took them 15 minutes to serve out and the 2 serves of crepes took 30 minutes to arrive on our plate. Please note it was not busy when we were there! Plus, it was so hard to get eye contact with any waiters unless we walked to them and patted on their back!<

A piece of advice, please observe your customers all the time and check on them to see if they need any help, any second you get, no matter how busy you are, keep your feet up also keep your eyes open.

sacre blue rye crepes nutella-french-restaurant
Nutella Pancake Crepe

My genuine opinion on the food isn’t so positive since it came to the table kind of cold, fresh though I’m pretty sure, a bit dry, and it’s definitely not filling enough to be called breakfast. Well, our fault, we thought it should be enough like other crepes we had before, as we ate nothing before going coming to Sacrebleu.

Just one suggestion to the owners of Sacrebleu,one-word “efficiency”. There was no system there when we sat right next to the service counter, the whole service was a bit messy and everyone was everywhere but clueless in a way, or at least that was how we felt.

The food should be tasty once it is served warm. Crepes are supposed to be served warm and soft, and warm food fills you up quicker too.
Anyway, we appreciate their friendly service towards the little ones, but we would be more forgiving if they trained their staff to apologise after the customers waited for a long time for their food. As sometimes these things can happen…

Plus, add a few foldable high chairs, just in case. Trust me, when parents are desperate to calm their children, they buy food too besides coffee.

We hope this can be a helpful blog for some of you, share your thoughts and let us know how you think.


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