Kanasta Caravan Park | Rye

Getting up early has one big benefit, I can have some of my own time to digest and enjoy what happened yesterday and give a minute to recall the joy of it.

This past weekend was the grand final weekend, I’m truly not a fan of footy, sorry Australia! But I thank for this sport giving the opportunity to enjoy some extra quality family time. So no time to waste, under the condition of no one is sick, no other birthday commitments, no major household stuff awaits, we booked a last-minute holiday accommodation less than 24 hours before the weekend started, Kanasta Caravan Park, so there’s no way we can cancel it.

Kanasta Caravan Park is in Rye, which is about an hour drive from southeast Melbourne (83km south of Melbourne). Rye is a little resort town by the sea on the Mornington Peninsula and since its such a short drive, we can manage to enjoy it without exhausting everyone too much on the road. Plus, it’s a great location for a short holiday road trip.

As it was a last-minute decision, we didn’t expect to have many premium options available. As long as it’s within our budget and has enough space for the 4 of us then it will tick off our boxes. Hence, we found Kanasta Caravan Park. A nearby playground and 2 bedrooms with a double bed in each room, equipped kitchen and a separate toilet, we were sold. Honestly, less than a day before the trip, we were happy to even find a place to stay.

Location-wise, it’s quite hidden and quiet, however, not really far from the beach. With kids, it’s around a 10 to 15 minutes walk to the beach and nearby café’s.

The reception was really friendly and has a family-run feeling. The place has it’s but also quite open to discussion regarding your situation. For instance, if you want to bring your pet, it’s a pet-friendly place, even though this is only limited to certain types of cabins, you can always ask and depends on the behaviour of your pet, they can be a bit more flexible.

We booked their last 2 bedders, its what they call a luxury cabin. You don’t know the difference until you get there. Compare to others, ours is a luxury. Kanasta Caravan Park is more like a glamping site with various types of cabins. To us, this is a first and quite an interesting experience.

Parking was just next to the cabin, we quickly settled in. Little Zonni couldn’t wait to drag her luggage in the house. Once walked in, the interior of the cabin surprised us, it was modern, simple and nicely renovated. Most importantly, it looked and smelled clean!

Once little Zonni saw the spare room, she jumped on the bed as she was super excited to have her own big double bed. This cabin also has a fold-down bed in the spare room where you can allocate another adult. So technically it’s an accommodation that’s big enough to host 5 people.


Outside the cabin, there’s a private area where you can have a meal outside and a BBQ machine on-site you can use too. What a perfect way to celebrate and enjoy the sunshine!

Kanasta Caravan Park playground

Just a 1-minute walk away from our cabin, there’s a cute little playground for kids of the age of 3 and above. With saying that, they do have a swing for younger ones as long as it’s supervised by an adult. This pirate ship-like undercover playground creates so much fun for the little ones that they can easily forget the TV in the house.

All in all, it was a fun, cozy and sound experience for us staying at Kanasta Caravan Park over the weekend. Plus, it’s definitely a family-friendly place that suits different sizes of budgets

Hope this extra travel tip can help you someday!



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