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Australia Day long weekend is the time of the year Melburnians getting out of the house to explore the nature, just like many other long weekends but with more heat. We chose Daylesford, simply because of short notice to ourselves that we should have a family trip and we have never been there.

Heard lots of good things about Daylesford, mostly related to the hot springs. Well, we gambled on the chance of having a nice hot spring session and a 1-hour relaxing massage when travelling with two kiddos. So visiting the nature would be a family-friendly thing to do as well.

The lake Daylesford was based at our doorstep, so it’s a must-g for us. Thought getting out of the house around 10 am could be a bit late as the temperature was heating up. Surprisingly, most of the Lake Daylesford trails were covered in the shade. Plus, the bush around the lake was just beautiful! The whole walk around the lake is around 3Km, but it was such a chilling walk that we didn’t even feel we walked that long. Even our 3-year-old was having so much fun spotting all the lizards, birds, ducks and geese. Don’t you love being so close to nature and being part of it?

Local Daylesford Lizards

Lake Daylesford is not the biggest or most beautiful lake we’ve ever seen. However, its calmness, elegance and simplicity settles everything around it and makes everyone so relaxed and happy. Get a takeaway coffee at the second-hand bookshop next to the lake entrance before the walk, then enjoy some nice lunch at The Boathouse, life can be so easily wonderful!

Words just can’t do them justice, please let us share some of the amazing views of our walk around Lake Daylesford.

Lake Daylesford | View from our house

Enjoy and keep cool!


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