Water Garden Chinese Restaurant

111A Vincent St
Daylesford VIC 3460
Mon Closed
Tue 5pm to 9pm
Wed-Sun 11:30am to 9pm


Got recommended by a good friend to spend the long weekend away in Daylesford, a little town in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range of Victoria, which is famous for its natural mineral springs. Two weeks before the holiday, we made the booking at the Spring cottage, and ready to be relaxed.

We were heading off on Friday afternoon after a nice Australia day BBQ at friends’ house, through the serious storm, we arrived Daylesford at 6:30 pm. All we wanted that moment was just settling in the house and getting some takeaway, so we can call it a night.

It wasn’t a surprise that not many restaurants were still open around the time we finished unpacking (it was 9 pm if you must know). Found a few places online, and since everyone was into something Asian, we decided to check out Water Garden Chinese restaurant, simply because they have what we wanted.

Water Garden Chinese restaurant is a spacious place with a few of your typical Chinese round tables. Their menu wasn’t complicated and that authentic, it looks more like an Asian restaurant for Chinese tourists, so making a decision was easy. A few customers came in later than us and were told they only do take away now and eating in has to be before 9 pm, which was pretty flexible, as in they’re supposed to be close by 9 pm.

water garden chinese restaurant daylesford

We ordered Mongolian noodles with seafood and ginger soy noodle with chicken from their noodles in the box menu. The amount of the noodle was quite generous but the taste wasn’t impressive, the sauce was quite oily and they both tasted similar just with and without chili, fine enough to fill the stomach though.

Quick verdict: Water Garden Chinese Restaurant is good for taking away and quick eat-in, the price was acceptable to compare to one or two other Asian restaurants on the same street, and service was quick.

In general, the impression is average.

Hope this helps.


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